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How to Order & Fax Form

Reading glasses at wholesale has two ways for you to order:

1. Order online by style and complete dozen of a diopter strength. You check out online and your credit card will be charged for the reading glasses you have ordered less any volume discount plus freight to your destination.

2. A fax order form link is provided below for you to download, print and write in the styles and diopters you require. This form is necessary if you wish to order less than one dozen of any diopter strength. The minimum order is still one dozen but you may assort diopters and styles to arrive at the 12pc minimum. There is a service charge of $0.10 for each individual pair that is assorted. If you assort 1 dozen then you will pay an extra $1.20 on the assorted dozen. This form can also be used to order full dozens of diopter strengths. There is no service charge for each dozen order of one diopter in a style. You do not check out online when you use the fax order form. You must fill in the check out information directly on the fax form.

Fax Order Form for Reading Glasses.pdf